Gordon McLeod

Gordon McLeod's music is a rich amalgam of elements including gypsy jazz and swing, Irish traditional music, original songs and compositions, folk songs and classical elements. As a performer, in bands like  Daddy G and His Amazing Swingtet, Beyond The Pale and  The Aisling String Trio, and as a solo performer, sideman, recording engineer and producer, Gordon is a fixture of the North Texas music community. Known for live instrumental work on violin and guitar and vocals and  for his work in the studio on many instruments as well as behind the recording console, Gordon has enjoyed performing and recording in the North Texas area for many years.

As his alter-ego, Daddy G, Gordon swings on violin and guitar with his Amazing Swingtet , who have just released Daddy G and His Amazing Swingtet, their first full length recording of  Gordon's original jazz and swing compositions and songs along with some great standards, all with a gypsy flair in the tradition of Django Reinhardt and Stepahne Grapelli.

So go to the Audio Page and check  out some selections from the new CD, Daddy G and His Amazing Swingtet! as well as some really hot fiddling and some great original songs from his CD Dog Year.