The Catfish Nightmare Blues

"I Scare Myself" w Christy McLeod and Dirje Childs

Voodoo Lady 

Voodoo Lady


Words and Music by Gordon McLeod © 2012

 You were born the daughter to a Creole

A voodoo chile down in the Vieux Carre’

Alabaster skin and dark eyes flashin’

Make all the boys jus’ give their heart away


On Rampart you jus’ like de Queen o’ Sheeba

Struttin’ wid da Sheik of Araby

Ain’t nothin’ that’s too good for louis Armstrong

But I swear I thought “That’s just too hot for me!”



Voodoo Lady, you’re so crazy

Tell me how you do dat thing you do

Voodoo Baby, am I crazy

Tell me why I…

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Little Cutie 

Little Cutie                                          Gordon McLeod 2011

Don’t you know that you’re my Little Cutie?

You’re the one who makes me scream and shout

Spun gold hair and jade eyes …what a beauty

There’s no one like you. .Oooo, you’re so knocked out!


Cutie, when you put your arms around me

You laugh and call me your Daddy G

My heart melts in your hands…can’t you understand

That Cutie, you’re the one for me!


I’m the one that you can always turn to

If you ever need a helping hand

If you ever…

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The Catfish Nightmare Blues 

The Catfish Nightmare Blues

Words and music by Gordon McLeod August 8 2009 © 2009

Late last night I went to bed

I pulled those covers over my head

Fell asleep like I was dead,  but my sleep was interrupted.

I dreamt a dream that terrorized

Long slimy whiskers, buggy eyes,

A gaping mouth of awful size, made me so disgusted.


O Lawdy Lawdy, Daddy G

 Get that catfish ‘way from me

Can’t you see he’s scarin’ me and he’ll disturb my snooze.

Hey there Daddy, Daddy G

Get that catfish ‘way from me

Ain’t you…

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