The Catfish Nightmare Blues

"I Scare Myself" w Christy McLeod and Dirje Childs

Gordon McLeod - Gordon McLeod , a.k.a. Daddy G love music and have been playing most of my life (since I was 4).

I play lots of  jazz and swing music with a gypsy tinge (Django Reinhardt-Stephane Grapelli style), both originals and standards on violin and guitar, lots of traditional Irish fiddle music and  my own originals in more contemporary styles.

My latest project is "Still Fiddlin", a CD of traditional Irish fiddle music Which I just released in March 2021. The Album is a collection of 13 original tracks, most of which are traditional Irish fiddling at its finest: lively, lyrical and intricate. But there is a fair helping of Bluegrass, and Django jazz flavored tunes as well. 

Matt Cranitch, eminent Irish fiddler and educator, has this to say about "Still Fiddlin' ": 
"I am delighted to welcome this new collection of recorded music from Gordon McLeod. This eclectic collection of tunes displays his wide range of influences, from Pádraig O’Keeffe to Stephane Grapelli. Among his own compositions is a beautiful waltz, dedicated to the lovely Christy, his very own Texas star. Personally I am delighted to have been invited to partake in this celebration of Gordon’s music, which shows so eloquently that he is “still fiddlin’” as well as ever."--Matt Cranitch

I am fortunate to be joined by some world class guest musicians on this CD including Matt Cranitch, Dónal Murphy, Tommy O'Sullivan, Milo Deering, Christy McLeod Cara Wildman and Jonathan Milton.

In 2015 I released my first fiddle album, " Just Fiddlin'

in 2014 I released Daddy G and His Amazing Swingtet!  , a CD of orginal and standard swing music in the gypsy jazz tradition.

I co-founded the group Beyond The Pale ( with my wife Christy and which now includes Betsy Cummings and John Delaney.

I also co-founded the Aisling String Trio ( ) with Dirje Smith and Christy McLeod.

 I also have played with the Texas Gypsies and lots of other folks in the Texas music scene which I find really rich and exciting.

My music is the direct result of listening and emulating literally hundreds of other musicians who I am honored to have heard.

I believe that life is the most precious gift and that we honor all those who gave us life and taught us to live by enjoying it. Music is the best way I know to do that and help others to do the same!